November 7 – Praise for the Creator – Psalm 8

I can close my eyes and imagine David as he wrote this song.  As David gazes into the night sky at the innumerable amount of stars and the brightness of the moon, he sings to God, “when I consider thy heavens.”  David expresses how small he feels.  He tells God of His greatness.  He values God’s devoted attention to him.  He is grateful to God for his position on this earth. 

Psalm 8 is a great place to go when you are feeling proud, or you are feeling low.  For the proud it is a humbling chapter to read of God’s absolute greatness, and our great insignificance.  For the one feeling low, it reminds us of how important we are to God.  For everyone, it should bring you to the point of experiencing the last verse of the chapter, “O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!”