August 29 – Rebekah, the Manipulative Mother – Genesis 27

Today we see a different side to Rebekah.  The story picks up with Isaac realizing he is nearing death.  He asks Esau, his first born son, to kill a deer and prepare him a meal before he gives Esau his birthright.  Well, Rebekah over heard this conversation and quickly advises Jacob in the steps to deceive his father, Isaac, into giving Jacob the birthright.  Rebekah’s favorite son was indeed, Jacob.  In her endeavor to make sure he was favored and blessed, she took part in splitting her family apart.  First of all she betrayed her own husband, which was supposed to be her highest priority.  Secondly, in an attempt to push her child further in life, she ultimately pushed him out of the house and helped drive a wedge between him and his brother, Esau.