August 28 – Rebekah’s Marriage to Isaac – Genesis 24

Abraham sends his well trusted servant to choose a wife for his son Isaac.  It was extremely important to Abraham that the servant go back and choose a wife out of his own country signifying the importance of the future wife’s race, culture, religion, and heritage.  The servant finds Rebekah busy doing her daily chores of carrying water from the well.  He asks for a drink, and Rebekah asks him if she could pull water out of the well for all his camels as well.  Rebekah was definitely a worker.  Imagine how much water she had to draw out of the well to water all those camels.  The servant goes home with her to eat, and then asks her if she would be willing to marry Isaac.  As you read, she does end up marrying Isaac.

It is good to note that Rebekah waited for God to choose her husband.  We have too many teenagers and even middle schoolers that pursue having a “boyfriend or girlfriend.”  This game of dating has been one of the most dangerous games to play.  Dating is the process by which you allow God to choose your life mate.  If you are not going to get married at 17 years of age than you should not be dating.  It is not only unwise to do this, but also unscriptural.  Harsh thoughts for some, I know.  This is not popular in today’s society, and most avoid the topic so as not to offend someone.  Verse 16 makes special effort to mention that Rebekah was a virgin.  This did not happen by accident.  Many precautions were in place to help her achieve this.  This was a trait that was displayed proudly.  In today’s society one is laughed at, scorned, and ridiculed to say they are a virgin at the time of their marriage.  It is VITALLY important that we reinstall this quality in our children, and if the Bible made it a priority than so should we.  Rebekah stayed busy doing what God gave her to do, until God brought her into the path of her husband, and made it obvious for her to know this was God’s choice.