August 22 – Resurrection – John 20

If Jesus does not rise from the grave, the saving gospel would be incomplete as it would prove that Jesus was not the Son of God; BUT, Jesus DID rise from the grave!  John and Peter were taught that Jesus would rise again, but did not understand it would be a physical body that would rise again.  In verses 8-9 we read that when they saw, they believed.  They were at their lowest points in their lives with the circumstances of the day seemingly gloomy and unnavigable.  When they saw the empty tomb, they finally understood how Jesus would “rebuild” the temple in three days.  Later, Thomas is going to struggle with unbelief, due to the fact that he was absent when Jesus appeared to the disciples in verses 19-20.  Thomas would not believe until he saw Jesus for himself in verses 28-29.  It is a good thing to experience Jesus on a personal basis.  Too many self-proclaimed Christians have a brain knowledge about Jesus and even know a lot about the Bible, but have never had a personal experience with Jesus.  Jesus did so much more than die on the cross for you.  Jesus rose again, and desires to be part of your daily life.