November 23 – Sermon on the Mount – Luke 6

The Sermon on the Mount should be one of the most read teachings in the Bible.  Often times the second half of the sermon is overlooked.  Matthew 5 is probably the most popular recording of the Sermon on the Mount, but Luke’s perspective is very helpful.  There is so much packed into this chapter, it is easy to digest the first half and skim read the second half.  Let me challenge you today to take some extra time, and focus on the second half of the chapter.  Not only does Jesus teach on building a firm foundation, but addresses the seemingly contradictory topic of judging others.  We are not to judge others, but we are to notate the fruit of others so as to know what kind of tree they are.  How are we to do this without judging others?  The answer is found in today’s passage.  Will you be diligent enough to search out the matter?  May God bless you today as you please Him.