September 25 – Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego Got Fired Up – Daniel 3

When the title states “Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego Got Fired Up,” they were literally were thrown into a flaming furnace and got fired up!  King Nebuchadnezzar made a 90 to 110 foot statue, and put forth a decree that when music was played, everyone was to stop what they were doing, and bow down to worship the statue.  Finding out that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not bow down, King Nebuchadnezzar brought them before him.  The king told them that he would give them one more chance to bow down.  Their philosophy in making a decision as they replied to the king should be monumentally life changing in the way we make decisions.  They, of course, refused to bow, but the way they arrived at this decision should be highlighted.  In verse 16, they revealed to the king that their decision was well thought out ahead of time.  In verse 17, they revealed to the king that their decision was based directly in line with their service the God.  This gives them much confidence in their decision.  In verse 18, they reveal to the king that they are willing to die for what they believe are actions that are pleasing to God.  In anger, King Nebuchadnezzar promptly had the furnace turned up 7 times hotter, and commanded them to be thrown into the flames.

As Christians, it is important that our decisions about our separation and sanctification should be well thought out.  They are based directly in line with the extent that we are willing to serve God.  When these decisions are based on the Word of God, instead of feelings, conscience, popular trend, or “hear say”; we can be extremely confident that we are doing right no matter the consequences.  Every Christian IS willing to die for what they TRULY believe.  Times of persecution can be a great teaching moment for us, in that, we find out what we truly believe.  What do you TRULY believe today?  Is there a real Heaven?  Is there a real Hell?  Does it matter how we talk, walk, look, think, forgive, love, or stand?  Is 2 Timothy true?