October 19 – Shipwreck – Acts 27

Paul faces more challenges when he is sent to Rome to stand trial.  As they sail across the sea, Paul warns the centurion that the ship will face shipwreck unless they turn aside for safety.  The warnings are ignored, and indeed the ship was eventually broken apart and sank.  Throughout this story Paul gives advice four different times to the centurion.  His first advice was not heeded, and threw them into dangerous circumstances.  After a “see, I told you so” moment, Paul gives advice as to the moral of the crew.  His third advice came when the sailors were putting a lifeboat into the sea to escape a damaged ship.  This advice was taken and the sailors lives were saved.  The fourth advice was to eat to maintain strength for the strenuous swim that was inevitable.  All totaled, 276 people were aboard the ship, and there were no lives lost.  The advice that the man of God had given had nothing to do with spiritual matters.  Sometimes we limit our godly counselors effectiveness by listening only to the advice about spiritual matters.  It is interesting how God used Paul’s advice to save 276 lives.  It is wise to listen to godly advice in all matters of life.  Who do you consider a godly counselor in your life?  Do you have any godly counselors?