August 8 – Signs of the Spirit – 1 John 4

This chapter begins by challenging the reader to “try” or test a fellow believer that claims to be saved, but you are unsure if they are a product of a false prophet, or if they truly have the Spirit of God within them.  The test is simple: if he confesses that Jesus is God in the flesh, he has the Spirit of God, but if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t have the Spirit of God.  Understand that a confession goes hand in hand with believing in the heart, and believing in your heart directly affects your actions (Romans 10:9-10).  If someone is not saved, it is impossible for him to have the Holy Spirit.

The rest of this chapter deals with love.  God’s love for us is immeasurable.  God expects us to love Him, and He expects us to love our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our love for each other is a direct indication of our love for God.

Let me highlight a couple of notable verses in this chapter as well.  Having problems with uneasiness or fear?  Read verse 18.  Does verse 4 look familiar?  It is our memory verse this month.  What song does verse 19 remind us of?  “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”