October 7 – Sins against God by His Own People – Amos 2

Among other sins against God are included a few social justice issues.  The first obvious social justice is mentioned in verse 6.  They put a price and value of people’s heads.  Acts 10:34 states that God is “no respecter of persons.”  We are all on the same level with God.  What is worse here in verse 6 is that they were actually selling people at these respective prices.  A poor man was sold for a pair of shoes.  Throughout the Bible God places emphasis on taking care of the poor, but in verses 6 and 8, we see God’s people taking advantage of the poor.  Through physically selling the poor as slaves, and then taking what they had in the form of clothes, just because they could get away with it.  Another obvious social injustice we see occurring is in verse 7 in the form of prostitution.  Not only is this sin, but this always produces a devaluing of the woman.  If politicians and activists really wanted to “level the playing field,” and bring up the value of women; they should close down the pornography industry.  They should pass legislation that criminalizes magazines, TV shows, web sites, commercials, sports, and anything else that contains any type of pornography or sexualizes and demeans women in any way.  Of course, that would criminalize Sports Illustrated and just about every sitcom.  That would criminalize every halftime show and every cheerleader in every sport.  That would criminalize every Hollyweird movie with a scantily clad or tightly clothed women.  There is too much money being made in this industry and ideology.  We have put a price on social justice.  These social justice groups do not want social justice, they want money and preferential treatment.  They have put a value on each of our heads, just as God’s people did in Amos 2.  They are no better than these slave traders mentioned in Amos 2.  God’s judgment will come to America, just as Amos warned the people of his day that judgment would come to his Country.