September 15 – Solomon is Given Wisdom – 1 Kings 3

Solomon is known in the Bible for his wisdom.  How did he get wisdom?  Today we read that God tells Solomon to ask Him for what he wants.  In verse 9, Solomon asked for an understanding heart.  Solomon knew that an understanding heart would bring discernment when judging the people.  God is pleased with Solomon’s desire and the motivation behind the desire.  In verse 12, God gives Solomon a wise and understanding heart.  In the book of Proverbs, we find wisdom and understanding going hand in hand.  In verse 13, God promised riches and honor to Solomon followed by a conditional promise of a longer life if Solomon follows and obeys God like David, Solomon’s father.  Solomon does excel in riches and honor, but sadly introduces idols and false religions through his many wives instead of following God all of his days.

Understanding is a key to exercising wisdom and discernment.  Many folks have wisdom, but lack understanding.  Solomon’s desire was for understanding to perform the task that God had given him.  Each of us have different tasks to perform that God has given to us, and has the equal importance of a king for us to exercise understanding in our tasks.  Never minimize the importance of the task God has given to you, and never minimize the importance of the wisdom and understanding you need to perform the task to the point of pleasing God.