December 19 – The Great Commission of Jesus – Matthew 28

Verses 19 and 20 outline the instructions Jesus gave before returning to Heaven.  The instructions were meant for His followers.  As Christians, we are to be followers of Christ, which means that this Great Commission is for us.  So let us look at what Jesus’ desire is for us to do.  “Go” means there is an action expected of the ones to whom Jesus is talking.  “Ye” indicates a specific person.  This means each Christian or follower of Christ has a personal command to “Go.”  What are they supposed to do when they “Go?”  Where are they supposed to “Go?”  We are to go to all nations.  We are to teach the doctrine that leads to baptism.  This is the doctrine of the gospel.  Once someone has accepted the doctrine to the gospel, baptism should follow.  Following baptism, Christians have been commanded to teach or disciple this new convert to obey Scriptures.  Jesus gives two promises; one at the beginning of the Great Commission and one at the end of the Great Commission.  The first is that Christ has promised us His power as we go.  The second is that Christ will always be with us, wherever we go.  Let’s take this command personally.  Let’s please Christ.