December 5 – The Rich Young Ruler – Mark 10

In today’s passage we read a story of Jesus calling a young man to be one of His disciples in verses 17-22.  The young man mentioned in this story came running to Jesus.  This tells us that he had good intentions, good desires, and knew where to go.  After running up to Jesus, he kneeled down to Jesus and called Him “Master.”  This shows us his humility and recognition of who Jesus was.  The question he asked Jesus, reveals to us his lack of a relationship with God.  Jesus addresses religion in this man’s life.  The man admits to obeying the commandments since he was a boy which hints to the idea that he was raised in a religious home.  Jesus pointed out the one thing that was lacking in this man’s life to keep him from a relationship with God.  It was not this man’s wealth as some may think.  It was not his lack of love and compassion for the less fortunate.  Jesus points out a heart issue.  This man had never given his heart to the Lord.  There was one thing that held a higher priority over his desire to please God.  Your heart is the seat of your affections, emotions, and the basis for your decision making.  Many folks who are religious and even quite involved in religious activities will find out one day that religion is not enough.  Many of these folks have run to Jesus and knelt before Him, but have never given Jesus their heart.  They have never completely trusted in Jesus.  What priority have you placed above Jesus Christ?  What is it that prevents you from following Christ?  What is it that keeps you from being faithful to church?  What prevents you from serving God more?  What responsibilities, cares of this world, jobs, health, relationships, fears, or numerous other pitfalls prevent you from wholeheartedly following Christ?  This man left the presence of Jesus Christ sad.  He left the presence of the Saviour without getting saved.  Jesus invited this man to follow Him, and this man decided it was not worth it.  Jesus stands at your door today and knocks.  Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

Does Jesus have your emotions, desires, priorities, thoughts, time, devotion . . . does He have your heart?