July 30 – The Spirit Comes at Pentecost – Acts 2

In Acts 1:8, the power of God was promised when the Holy Spirit came upon them.  In chapter 2 we read about that happening.  It is interesting to note that the Holy Spirit did not come upon them until they accomplished two things: First, they were of one accord  (they were unified – they were in agreement with one another – they shared the same goal – they were like minded).  Secondly, they were in one place (physically they were together).  When they were filled with the Holy Spirit, they were able to accomplish supernatural feats.  When they spoke, all the different dialects heard them in their own tongue.  Physical healings took place.  Prophecy was preached.  One of the most notable things that happened when they were filled with the Holy Ghost was that those around them recognized something special with this group of people.  Because of this, 3,000 souls were saved, joined the church (baptized), and gladly discipled.  What we need in America today is not a vaccine or social justice; what we need in America today is for followers of Jesus Christ to come together in singleness of heart and get the Holy Spirit’s power to reach a lost America for Christ.