July 31 – The Spirit Guides Peter to Accept Gentiles – Acts 10

The Holy Spirit always has good timing.  An unsaved person often credit events in their life to coincidence, luck, karma, good fortune, personal character, and many others.  As children of God, we know the Holy Spirit works in our lives without coincidences or luck.  In today’s reading when Peter is questioning whether or not the Holy Spirit was speaking to him, three men come into his life to confirm the Spirit’s leading.  As the Holy Spirit was speaking to Peter, Cornelius was already on his way to see Peter.  The timing was perfect.  God’s timing is always perfect, even when it may seem inconvenient in our life.  The Holy Spirit was directing Peter to expand his ministry to reaching the Gentiles.  When the Holy Spirit speaks, He always opens doors of opportunity.  Peter was questioning the Holy Spirit’s leading until he saw the door of opportunity.  As Peter followed the Holy Spirit’s leading, many Gentiles were saved.

Has the Holy Spirit been speaking to you lately?  Have you seen any doors of opportunity?  Let me encourage you to listen closely to God, and then put great effort into looking for a door of opportunity.  I do not believe in coincidences; however, I do believe in the Holy Spirit.  Let’s follow Him today.