December 26 – The Wise Men – Matthew 2

Let us note several character traits about the wise men in this popular passage.  1. The wise men had a mission.  2. The wise men followed the Star, the only path shown to them, to find the Saviour.  3. The wise men were prepared to worship.  They brought their gifts with them.  4. The wise men valued Jesus.  They showed their value of Jesus through the sacrificial gifts they gave Him.  

Now let’s apply these character traits to our own lives.  1. Do you have a mission, purpose, or plan?  2. Who or what are you following to find Jesus?  Not just as a Saviour, but as a companion in life, a friend, and Lord.  3. Are you prepared to worship?  Are you humbly kneeling before Jesus?  4. Do you value Jesus?  It was obvious to the world how much the wise men valued Jesus.  It is obvious to the world how much you and I value Jesus as well.  We will never be perfect, and will always make mistakes; but let’s never give up trying to please God.  I am so thankful God loves us unconditionally.