December 8 – The Woman at the Well – John 4

Jesus shows a strategic method when trying to reach the Samaritan woman in this chapter.  First of all, Jesus steps out of His “Jewish” comfort zone as He goes through the city of Samaria instead of circling around it.  Next we see Jesus keeping His mission in focus when He is “wearied” or uncomfortably hot and tired.  He sees the woman at about the sixth hour (12 noon), and maintains His focus on delivering the gospel instead of His hunger, thirst, or heat of the day.  He begins by asking an attention getting question which was for the woman (a Samaritan) to help Him (a Jew).  Once He has her attention, Jesus introduces the gospel in an understandable way to this particular woman.  It is important for us to be perceptive as to what we could say to those people around us that may get their attention.  It is equally important that we keep our mission in focus, and not allow ourselves to become sidetracked with our feelings, surroundings, or discomforts.  When the disciples returned from getting food, they asked Jesus to eat.  His reply was that He had been refreshed and refueled.  If you are feeling “wearied” like Jesus.  Maybe you are tired, sick, depressed, or just despondent; let me encourage to you get refreshed and refueled by following Christ’s example in this passage.  Share with someone, the story of what Jesus Christ has done for them.  You will be amazed at how you will be refreshed!