July 29 – The Work of the Spirit – John 16

The work of the Holy Spirit is continued in John 16.  The Spirit being our Comforter is mentioned again.  In verses 8-11 we see the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict and judge the world of sin.  The work of the Spirit is guide the Christian in all truth.  The work of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus.

Jesus it trying to emphasize to his disciples the importance the Holy Spirit’s role is in their future, but the disciples are focused on their present.  After all Jesus taught, the disciples were focused on when Jesus was going to leave them, and how that would impact their lives.  They were struggling with the concept that Jesus was leaving them.  They had left everything to follow Jesus, and now Jesus was telling them that He was going to leave them.  What did this mean?  What were they going to do?  Their life and purpose would seemingly be brought to a stand still.  This passage is very applicable in today’s circumstances.  Jesus said to them and to us today, the Holy Spirit will be our Comforter, Guide, Truth Revealer, Judge, and so much more.  Our life and purpose continues forward.  So, let us follow the Holy Spirit, and live our adventurous life with purpose and fulfillment.