August 7 – Unity and Gifts – Ephesians 4

Every Christian has been given a gift from the Holy Spirit to accomplish a specific purpose.  This purpose cannot be fulfilled properly on their own.  Christ instituted the church to be the tool by which Christians come together to fulfill their full potential.  Example: if you take a car battery and set it on the sidewalk; it will hold a charge, it can start a car if you connect jumper cables from the battery to the car, it can perform the job that it was created to do; but, if you take that same battery and install it in a car, it will start the car repeatedly, it will become recharged by the alternator as the engine runs, it can jump another car using the previous mentioned jumper cables – in short – it will operate to its fullest potential.  This is the same thing with a Christian.  On his own the Christian can use the Holy Spirit’s gift to fulfill God’s purpose to a limited extent, but you place this same Christian with the same gift of the Holy Spirit in a scriptural church (Independent Fundamental Baptist Bible-Believing Church), he will fulfill his purpose to the fullest extent.  What is the secret?  UNITY!  We are to work together, using our gift from the Holy Spirit, thus making the “car” function properly and effectively.

On an encouraging note, verse 7 states that grace is given according to the measure of the gift of Christ.  When we lack the confidence to act on the Holy Spirit’s gift, let us be reminded that we have the grace to accomplish the task.  God has given ALL the tools you need to honor Him.  Trust God, and enjoy using your spiritual gift for the cause of Christ.  Look for opportunity to please God.

We started a short series last Wednesday on identifying and using the Holy Spirit’s gifts in each of our lives.  I can’t wait to see the excitement and blessings that come as folks use their gifts for God.