October 9 – What the Lord Requires – Micah 6

Today’s reading puts me in the mind of a courtroom controversy between God and the people of Israel.  God speaks in verses 1-5.  He listens to the testimony of the mountains and hills.  He asks the Israelites two questions in verse 3, and asks the Israelites to remember the past before presenting their case to God in verses 4-5.  The Israelites asks four questions of God trying to outline their own form of righteousness of what will please God.  In verse eight, God outlines exactly what is expected of His people.  These are the same character traits that would correct the social injustices mentioned in the second half of the chapter.  What does the Lord require?  1) Do justly   2) love mercy   3) walk humbly with God.  If each of us would focus on our own actions, instead of monitoring others, and implement these three character traits; we would adapt ourselves under God’s social justice, and our discrepancies would disappear.  Maybe instead of looting, we should “do justly.”  Maybe instead of demanding punishment for mistakes made, we should “love mercy.”  Maybe instead of marching with a mob screaming obscenities, we should “walk humbly with God.”  Instead of demanding others to practice these character traits, maybe each of us should be concerned with personally performing these character traits.  You see, social justice begins and ends with God.