January 16 – Aaron – Exodus 32

In this passage we see another side of Aaron.  The man that stood with Moses against a mighty Pharaoh, and participated in helping Moses as God miraculously brought the Israelites out of Egypt, now cowers before his peers.  In an attempt to avoid the people rising up against him, he makes a calf out of gold for the people, so he can maintain unity.  When questioned by Moses as to why he did this, Aaron’s reply was feeble at best.  There really is no good reason to worship any other way than what the Bible says.  Not only did they resort to worshipping an idol, but also reverted back to the worldly music they learned in Egypt.  The singing that was described as sounding like “war in the camp.”  This is exactly the same description we can give to the contemporary “christian” music we have in many churches today.  The sound of drums, wailing, chanting, indistinguishable lyrics, and jumping up and down that mirror a rock and roll concert.  God was very displeased over such shenanigans.

Aaron was a very good and godly man that made a horrible mistake.  Let’s be determined to always worship the only true God, and to please God in the way we do worship.