January 1 – Abel – Genesis 4:1-18

In today’s reading we find the first sacrifice to God.  It is also the first sacrifice to be rejected by God.  I believe there is merit to the thought that Cain’s sacrifice was rejected because of his unrepentant sin.  It is obvious by Cain’s reaction that he contained much pride in his heart which led to his broken relationship with God.

Abel could have followed his older brother’s lead.  Here we find a man in the form of Abel that was everything that Cain was not.  Abel was a godly man.  Abel’s actions were pleasing to God.  Abel was a humble man.  This is a great example that just because a person is godly does not mean that life is easy, and bad things do not happen.  

  Let us decide in 2020 that we will please God no matter what happens.