February 1 – Abigail – I Samuel 25

Abigail is the wife of Nabal.  David sent messengers to Nabal asking for some food.  David felt somewhat entitled because he and his men had protected Nabal’s flocks and servants.  Nabal did not owe David anything, but responded in such a way as to provoke David to anger.  David was angry enough to go and kill Nabal.  This is where Abigail enters the picture.  If I could describe her in one word, it would be “peacemaker.”  The Bible says, “blessed are the peacemakers.”  Being a peacemaker cost Abigail.  It cost her being humble even though it was not her mistake.  It cost her provisions as she brought food for David and his men.  She kept a cool head.  She gave good, godly advice, and it was headed by David.  Instead of blaming Nabal for his foolishness, she focused on solving the problem.  Abigail saved Nabal’s life by David’s hand, and she prevented David from making a huge mistake. 

Husbands and wives can learn much from this little story.