February 4 – Absalom – 2 Samuel 15, 17-18

Absalom was the third son of David.  Amnon was the firstborn.  After Absalom had Amnon killed, he focused his actions to taking over the kingdom from David his father.  He used lies, manipulation, and deceit in his attempt to be king.  It is interesting to note that throughout his life, he was never a true friend, nor did he have a true friend other than his father.

Absalom asked David if he could return to Hebron under false pretenses.  Hebron was where David first became king.  It is likely that the people of Hebron were offended by David moving the capital of his kingdom 19 miles north to Jerusalem.  Absalom manipulated the people of Hebron into making him king.  This initiated an all-out war as Absalom pressed to become king over the entire kingdom.

Absalom shows us what will happen when we maintain a rebellious attitude to the will of God in our lives; when we push our own agenda above what Pleased God in our lives.  The people of Hebron teach us how easily we are manipulated by satan’s plan when we allow ourselves to be offended.  

Psalm 119:165  “Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.”