Adam – Genesis 1:26 thru 2:17

As we begin another year, we are going to take a renewed look at many different people contained in the Bible. As we read about the differences in personalities, backgrounds, circumstances, successes, and failures, let us understand that God could have changed any of these things in these peoples lives. God created you special with your own personality, background, circumstances, successes, and failures. God wants to use you not in spite of those things, but because of those things.

Notice Adam was given Life (2:7), a Place (2:8), and a Job (1:26-28 & 2:15). After Adam sinned the Place and Job was changed. Adam’s purpose in life never changed. As he was created in the image of God, Adam was to have continued fellowship with God and to bring His creator pleasure. Adam is a key figure in the Bible as this is where sin was introduced to the human race (Romans 5:12). Adam had the perfect environment and still sinned.

Praise the Lord for his Love, Provision, and Forgiveness!