Week 6

February 3 – Amnon – 2 Samuel 13

We do not know much about Amnon.  Amnon may have been a good man.  He may have had many great quality traits.  He may have had many accomplishments.  All we do know is the sad story of his mistake.  We do know some of his bad quality traits.  Since we do not know his good quality traits, let’s learn from his bad traits.  Here are some facts that we know about Anmon:  Amnon entertained lustful thoughts of Tamar; Amnon struggled with covetousness (wanting something enough to allow it to control his thoughts); Amnon had a friend that he should have severed ties with long ago; Amnon listened to the wrong kind of advice; Amnon justified rape in his mind; Amnon refused logical reason from Tamar; Amnon was surprised by the way he felt after his flesh was satisfied; Amnon was only concerned about pleasing himself.

We should determine to avoid the same mistakes Amnon made.  Any one of these issues would have been corrected if his main desire was to Please God!