April 18 – Andrew – John 1:35-42, 6:1-13, 12:20-36

Andrew was introduced to Jesus by John as “The Lamb of God.”  Andrew immediately began following Jesus.  Andrew went to his brother, Simon Peter, and told him that he had found Christ, the Messiah.  Andrew was the one to bring Peter to Jesus.  Later, Andrew was also the one to bring the young lad with his lunch to Jesus which Jesus used to feed the multitude.

Andrew didn’t have a book of the Bible named after him, nor do we find him being referred to as much as John or Peter, but he was vitally important as a disciple of Christ.  Anyone can be an Andrew.  Anyone can be determined to bring people to Jesus.  It is up to Jesus to change lives and perform miracles.  God used Peter in a mighty way, but it was Andrew that told Peter about Jesus.  God used the little boy’s lunch to perform an astounding miracle, but it was Andrew that brought the boy to Jesus.  In chapter 12, Andrew brought the Greeks to Jesus, and after listening to Jesus they rejected Him.  Some folks that we bring to Jesus will reject Christ, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to be used by God to bring a “Peter” or “young lad” to Jesus.  Yes, people to whom we witness may reject Christ, but let us continue to look for our “Peter” and “young lad.”  Let’s focus on pleasing God.