May 7 – Aquila and Priscilla – Acts 18

Aquila and Priscilla were you average Christians in this time period.  They had been kicked out of their home in Rome because they were Jews.  Verse 3 mentions that they were tentmakers.  What I really like about Aquila and Priscilla is that anyone can be used of God.  Not everyone can be a “Paul,” but anyone can be an Aquila or Priscilla.  Here is a couple that are working hard in their occupation while serving God.  

They provided a place to stay for Paul for a year and six months.  Paul was drawn to them because of their similarities.  Paul was a tentmaker like Aquila and Priscilla, but they also were faithful Christians. 

It was evident they shared with Paul the desire for reaching others for Christ as they joined Paul to Ephesus on a missions trip.  It was on this missions trip they encounter Apollos.  Apollos was an eloquent man that was very knowledgable about the Scripture, instructed in the way of the Lord, and preached boldly.  Yet, Apollos needed to be discipled.  Apollos was still preaching the message of John the Baptist, but needed taught the teachings of Jesus Christ.  This is where Aquila and Priscilla enters the scene in verse 26.  We find these two Christians taking discipleship seriously as they begin to disciple Apollos.  We also find Apollos being a good student even though he already had great knowledge.  We should also have the desire to be discipled, and then in turn disciple others about our great Saviour and the exciting Christian life.