February 29 – Asaph – Psalm 73-77

Asaph was one of David’s chief musicians.  He was also the ancestor of a group of temple musicians (Ezra 2:40-41) .  As in the case of Jeduthun (Psalm 39), the name might have come to represent his descendants or he musicians who followed him rather than Asaph himself.

As we read in chapter 73, Asaph brings up a subject that still puzzles Christians today.  It seems as though the wicked are prospering while the righteous are being plagued.  The wicked seem to be strong, free from trouble like others, they have more than they even want, and they increase in riches.  They get all these while they have pride, commit violence, speak wickedly, and deny any benefit in God.  It doesn’t seem right for the wicked to be blessed, while the righteous seem to suffer.

In Chapter 75 Asaph sings of God as the Righteous Judge.  Remember: God is always good, and God is always right!