May 5 – Barnabas – Acts 11:19-30 & 13:1 thru 14:28

Barnabas got to minister during a very exciting time in Paul’s Missionary Journeys.  Many people believed and turned to the Lord and the hand of the Lord was with these men though they had to scatter abroad after Stephen’s stoning.  Barnabas was sent to Antioch where he ministered for many years.  Barnabas was happy to be serving the Lord in Antioch.  He caught onto their excitement.   The theme of his message to the congregants was to “cleave unto the Lord with purpose of heart.”  To determine in their hearts to never stop clinging to God…through good and bad.  

This was also the place and time where the term “Christian” was coined.  I wonder who decided to give us Christ-followers that nickname that has stuck through all these years.  Could it have been Barnabas?  

Have you determined in your heart to cleave unto the Lord, whatever comes your way?  Have you purpose to serve Him no matter what?  What can you do today to make that decision with PURPOSE?