March 11 – Daniel – Daniel 1-2, 6

Daniel was approximately 15 years old when he was taken into captivity.  His quality traits are found in Daniel 1:4.  He was given the worldly Babylonian name of Belteshazzar.  Interestingly enough his original name of Daniel, “God is my Judge,” stuck with him instead of Belteshazzar, “Bel protect him.”  I believe one of the reasons for this was that he refused to let the world change his identification.  His dedication to following after God was quite evident to all.  If you had to omit speaking of Jesus Christ for one day, would anyone notice a change in your speech?  How determined are we to pleasing God, even to the things we eat?

From the early age of 15 Daniel purposed in his heart to please God.  He was very confident that God would answer prayer, but his confidence was put to the test many times.  In chapter 6, we find Daniel being thrown into a den of lions, because he was caught praying.  After spending the night in the lions den, an 82 year old Daniel replies to the king that his God sent an angel to deliver him from the lions.  I have often thought what it would have been like to spend the night with a bunch of starving, growling lions.  I also wonder what it was like to spend the night with an angel from God.  If you find yourself in a lions den of circumstances in life; stop and look around, you may just find an angel.  God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf, why not let Him?