February 28 – David – Psalm 3-8, 32; Romans 4:6-8

David is known as “A Man After God’s Own Heart.”  David is referenced many, many times in the Bible.  Many of his experiences are recorded in the Bible.  David became a standard to which many men were compared.  Many men were given identity through being in the lineage of David.  Many of his character traits are in open display in the Bible.

Today’s reading will focus on the more personal side of David.  As a songwriter, David shares some of his deepest and strongest feelings and emotions.  Just like today’s Christians, we get a glimpse at the heart of David through the songs he sang.  Two main types of thought David expresses in song are describing God, and an appeal to God.  Stop, recognize, and thank God when you read the different attributes of God today.  Stop, recognize, and ask God for the different requests David makes to God.

If someone describes you by your music, what would they say?  Would they get a clear description of God, and see God glorified?

Why don’t you try to sit down and write a short poem or words to a song that describes God in your life?  Read it out loud to God, and thank Him today!