February 27 – Elihu – Job 32-37

Elihu was the youngest Job, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar.  He was respectful yet very honest toward his friends.  Elihu was very much in control of his actions and temperament.  He chose to become angry when his friends had condemned Job with no proof or solution.  Elihu agreed with Job that the friends had failed to demonstrate their claim to represent godly instruction or wisdom.  Elihu was determined not to follow the friends’ line of argumentation.  In chapter 33 Elihu places emphasis on God’s character traits and His greatness, and continues to point out attributes thru chapter 37.  Our advice and help that we offer should contain the greatness of God.  However it is difficult to speak of His greatness if we do not recognize His greatness in our lives.  How has God shown Himself great in your life?