May 11 – Epaphroditus – Philippians 1-2

Epaphroditus was sent to Paul out of the church at Philipi to be Paul’s missionary assistant.  Upon arrival Epaphroditus became seriously ill.  Now as Paul is sending Epaphroditus back home, he is writing the folks at Philipi.  Epaphroditus is worried that the church will be upset with him in his failed mission to help Paul.  Paul is explaining that Epaphroditus put the work of the Lord before his own health and safety and that is why he had gotten so sick.  Paul calls Epaphroditus his brother, co-laborer, and fellowsoldier.  He asks the church to rejoice when they see him again.  Everyone has gone through circumstances when they feel they have failed someone.  Praise the Lord for people in our lives that are determined not to bring out our past failures, but are intent on being encouraging instead!!

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