February 22 – Esther – Esther 2:1-23; 4:1 thru 5:8; 7:1 thru 8:8

Esther is another example of God using a lady in the Bible to accomplish great things for God.  In chapter 4, we read about Mordecai asking Esther to go before the king to ask him to reverse the decree giving Haaman authority to kill the Jews.  Esther knows the danger of going before the king when you haven’t been summoned.  Mordecai points out to Esther that God has brought her to this point in her life for “such a time as this.”  Many times in our lives we feel unable or are fearful to handle a situation, but let us remind ourselves; God has used every circumstance in our life to bring us to this point to fulfill His will in our lives for this day.

Let us look at what Esther did to accomplish this feat.  1) She listened to the godly advice of Mordecai.  2) She did not let fear dictate her actions.  3) She asked others to fast and pray for 3 days and 3 nights.  4) She fasted for 3 days and 3 nights.  5) She did everything she possibly could to accomplish the decree’s reversal.

Let’s apply these steps to our own life.  In what area of your life would you like to see God’s hand of influence?