December 31 – Eve – Genesis 2:18 thru 3:24

Eve was created to fill a void in Adam’s life.  Although Eve made a mistake, she was still the best thing that happened to Adam.  As in any successful marriage, Adam and Eve stuck together even though mistakes were made, and times got tough.  Adam’s love and devotion is exemplified as he calls Eve the mother of all living.  Eve also was honest with herself and with God in Genesis 3:13.  She admitted to being beguiled.  She was humble enough to admit she was deceived.

Nobody likes to admit when they have been duped.  It is important not to let pride into our lives, as pride will prevent us form being honest with ourselves.  Honesty with ourselves and with God is the first step to confessing our sin and repairing our relationship with God.

Confess any sin, and make sure you finish 2019 with a clean heart.