March 10 – Ezekiel – Ezekiel 1-3

Ezekiel was among the 8,000 soldiers and nobility who had been sent into exile along with the king in 597 B.C.  The Chebar, a canal in Babylonia where the Jewish exiles settled, was the site of Ezekiel’s visions.  There are many similarities between the visions given to Isaiah and Ezekiel.  Both saw heavenly winged creatures serving God.  Both underwent symbolic preparation for the prophetic ministry – Isaiah’s lips were cleansed by fire; Ezekiel ate the scroll.

In chapter 3 it was made clear to Ezekiel that he was to be a watchman.  He was to voice warnings from God.  He was to warn the wicked to turn from his wickedness, and the righteous to sin not.  The righteous was having a hard time with sin as a stumblingblock.

Just as God placed Ezekiel in the circumstances that he could best serve God; God has place each one of us exactly in the circumstances in life where we can best serve God.  Just as Ezekiel had a specific purpose as a watchman; we too have specific purposes in our lives.  It is our responsibility to listen to God for this purpose, and then act on it.  May God bless you as you fulfill God’s plan for your life!