Week 5

January 27 – Hannah – I Samuel 1:1 thru 2:21

Who is Hannah?  She is the wife of Elkanah.  A simple housewife that made a direct impact on the appointing of the first two kings of Israel.  How did she do that?  Due to her fervent prayer, one of the greatest prophets was born.  You see, she was the mother of Samuel.  Her prayer caused her to cry and she did not eat.  She made promises to God if her prayer was answered.  She continued praying until she received an answer.  What is it in your life that you have a great desire for God to grant a miracle?  Let me encourage you to pray.

One of the things I do like about this story was her husband’s support.  He could have prevented her from taking his first born son, Samuel, to the temple to be raise by Eli.  It would be extremely hard to allow any of my children to be sent away to be raised by someone else that I would see a couple times a year.  Elkanah supported Hannah’s vow that she made to the Lord.  Have you given your full support to those around you that have made a decision to live for the Lord?  

We must note that God continued to bless Hannah.  In Chapter 2:21, we read that God gave Hannah five more children.  God will bless when we put Him first.  Let’s Please God by placing Him first.