Week 12

March 16 – Hosea – Hosea 1-3

The prophet Hosea’s life exemplified his message to the people.  Hosea marries Gomer.  After having three children together, Gomer has adulteress affairs, then leaves to play the part of a harlot.  Hosea asks his children to go beg Gomer to leave that lifestyle and come home.  Gomer refuses until her life is wasted and spent.  She is chewed up and spit out by the worldly lifestyle.  She ends up being sold on the auction block to the highest bidder.  Hosea goes to the auction to see a used up Gomer.  No longer a lovely lady for a beginning family, Hosea still loves his sin scarred wife.  Hosea eagerly bids until he has won.  He gladly pays the amount to have the opportunity to bring his wife back home.

This story parallel’s what God’s people have done to Him.  As the bride of Christ, they had played the harlot with the world.  They had given the love that was supposed to be shown toward God and given it to idols, fleshly lusts, and things of the world.  Just as Hosea purchased Gomer, Jesus Christ has redeemed or purchased man when He went to the cross.  Praise the Lord for God’s love and forgiveness!