January 7 – Isaac – Genesis 24, 26

Abraham thought it was very important for his son’s wife to come from his homeland, where his wife would share the same race, culture, faith, and expectations.  Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah.  

It is interesting to note in Genesis 26:4-7 we see a parent’s impact on their child’s life.  God promised great blessing to Isaac because of Abraham’s obedience.  Two verses later, we read of Isaac having the same fault as Abraham as he claims his wife is actually his sister.  Both Abraham and Isaac did this out of fear.  Couldn’t the same God they trusted and obeyed have protected them as well?  Of course God can!  Even they both displayed great faith in obedience, they both struggled  with their lack of faith in this other area.

Let me encourage you today to identify and praise God for the area of faith in which you are strong, but then examine and identify your area of weakness in faith and work on that today.