March 4 – Isaiah – Isaiah 6, 40, 53

Isaiah is quoted many times in the New Testament.  Isaiah’s message was in four stages.  First, he accused God’s people of sin.  Second, he instructed these sinners to reform their ways and act obediently.  Third, he announced God’s judgment on the people because of their sin.  Finally, God revealed His future restoration of the people.

In chapter 6 we find Isaiah being cleansed to come before a holy God.  In verse 8 we find God needing someone to go.  Isaiah speaks the famous words “here am I, send me.”  This truth seems so simple, but many today still struggle with the idea.  Isaiah is not praying for a need to be met, but rather, he is praying that God would allow him to be the one that meets the need.  We would have more missionaries, Sunday school teachers, bus workers, ushers, and many more needs in the church met if we would pray the same way.  As we see a need, let us pray and ask God if He would allow us to meet that need.  Let’s strive to please God.