February 13 – Jabez – I Chronicles 4:9-10

Jabez is unique as he is placed in a list of names that lasts for the first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles.  Right in the middle of all the “begats” we find a brief pause as God emphasizes Jabez’s prayer.  It must be a prayer that pleases God very much.  If it pleases God so much that he interrupts the format of the Bible, I want to make certain to include this prayer in my prayers.

For what did Jabez ask God?  1) God’s blessings  2) To enlarge his coasts (influence)  3) For God’s hand (protection, direction, help)  4) To keep him from evil (sin).  We know that Jabez received everything for which he prayed, because the end of verse 10 states “God granted him that which he requested.”  What if God only gave you what you asked for?  What would God grant you?  Pray for you marriage, children, church, employer, family, and friends, but also do not neglect praying for yourself.  May your prayer be pleasing to God today!