January 10 – Jacob – Genesis 31-32

We have already heard about Jacob when we looked at Esau and Rebekah.  We know he was technically born second although he shared the same birthday as his twin brother.  It was obvious that as Esau held a special place in Isaac’s heart, so Jacob held a special place in Rebekah’s heart.  Esau’s name was changed to “Edom” (red) due to his mistake of trading his birthright.  Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel” (to struggle with God) due to his tenacity of wanting God’s blessing in his life.

The brief background of today’s reading is laced with deception.  As Jacob deceived Esau and Isaac, so Laban (his father-in-law) deceived Jacob.  As we begin reading in chapter 31, we see God telling Jacob to go back home away from Laban.

There are two family relationships that are mended in chapters 31-32.  Two ingredients were vital in mending both relationships.  1. The first ingredient was God’s hand. It is vitally important to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the other individual’s life as well as your own.  2. The second ingredient was a humble, understanding communication.

Do you have a relationship that needs mended?  Let me encourage you to pray the Holy Spirit’s intervention, and look for opportunity to communicate with a humble, understanding heart.  Remember, Esau’s relationship took much longer to heal than Laban’s.  All relationships heal differently, so be patient for God’s timing.