March 30 – Jairus – Mark 5:21-43

Jairus was a respected layman responsible for synagogue oversight and activities.  It was a crisis in Jairus’ life that brought him to Jesus.  Jairus approached Jesus in a humble manner.  His request was for his only daughter (Luke8:42).  Jairus heard Jesus had healed others, so his request was for Jesus to do the same thing for him.  He asked Jesus to lay hands on his 12 year old daughter to heal her.

Jesus was interrupted on His journey to Jairus’ house to heal his daughter before it was too late.  After being delayed, Jairus was informed that his daughter had died.  You can imagine the helpless feeling that Jairus was experiencing.

Jesus spoke to Jairus to encourage him not to be afraid.  Jesus said, “Be not afraid, only believe.”  Understanding that true belief in Jesus will erase fear; it is safe to say that fear is a direct result of unbelief.  Fear is something that will attack each of us.  Jesus was not reprimanding Jairus, rather, Jesus was giving him encouragement to exercise the antidote for fear.  In these uncertain times, let us not focus on the helpless, despairing, uncertain circumstances we are experiencing; let us focus on the God who is controlling the situation.  Take necessary precautions, but don’t allow precautions to take your joy.  Greet each day with humble thanksgiving.  Before checking the news for the latest updates on the coronavirus, make a list of things you for which you are thankful.  Take that list to the Lord and rejoice in His goodness.  God is still good!