March 7 – Jehoiakim – Jeremiah 25

Jehoiakim is brought to a place of decision.  During his father’s reign, the people were given instruction to turn from evil ways.  In chapter 25, Jeremiah is reminding King Jehoiakim and his princes of the same instructions and warnings.  Jeremiah explains the judgments on Babylon, Egypt, and Judah.  In chapter 26 Micah and Urijah join Jeremiah in proclaiming God’s truths.  The three prophets urge all who will listen to simply repent and change their ways.  In 26:21 Jehoiakim can no longer put off a decision as to what he will do.  He chooses to join the people in getting angry at these prophets instead of humbling himself and repenting to God.  Jehoiakim embarks on a nasty mission to kill Urijah.

We too have a decision to make.  We can only ignore the inevitable decision so long.  At some point God will get our attention, and force us to make a decision.  Will we get angry and offended?  Will we humble ourselves before a holy God and repent?  We should voluntarily ask God to search our hearts to point out any unclean thing in our lives.  Psalm 139:23  “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:”