February 15 – Jehoshaphat – 2 Chronicles 17-20

Jehoshaphat was blessed by God because of 2 Chronicles 17:3-4.  Jehoshaphat followed David’s example in seeking the Lord, and obeying His commandments.  He chose not to follow the peer pressure of Israel and their bad examples.

Chapter 18 gives an account of Micaiah, God’s prophet, having a reputation for speaking the truth, and relaying God’s messages without dilution.  King Ahab doesn’t like Micaiah because of his boldness in God’s messages, while King Jehoshaphat desires to know God’s message.  The difference between the two kings was Ahab displeased the Lord, while Jehoshaphat worked diligently to please the Lord.  Zedekiah, claiming to prophesy on God’s behalf, became angry at Micaiah’s message from God, and hit Micaiah in the face.  Micaiah did not retaliate, but replied that the matter would be settled on the day that Zedekiah, confronted by the defeat of Ahab’s army, would try to protect himself by hiding in a toilet (inner chamber).