February 6 – Jeroboam – I Kings 11:26-40, 12:25 thru 14:20

Jeroboam was told by God through the prophet Ahijah that he would be king over 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel.  God was taking the kingdom from Solomon due to his leading the people to worship false gods brought in by his worldly wives and concubines.  In verses 37-38, God promised Jeroboam his blessings if he would follow David’s example in pleasing God.

Jeroboam did not follow David’s example.  Instead, he followed the example set by Aaron in the wilderness when made a golden calf to worship.  The reason Jeroboam did this was his insecurity.  He thought he would lose control his people if he let them go to Jerusalem to worship.  Jeroboam’s problem was that he didn’t understand the Israelites were not his people, they were God’s people.  His focus should have been to Please God, not himself.  Everyone has insecurities here or there.  Don’t let your insecurities affect what you do for the Lord.