February 25 – Job – Job 1-2

Why did God have so much confidence in Job?  In 1:8 God point out four commendable attributes of Job to satan.  God calls Job a perfect (well balanced and complete) man.  God says Job is an upright (righteous and well pleasing to God) man.  Job is a man that fears (respect and reverent to) God.  Job is one that escheweth (hates Psalms 101:3) evil.

Job teaches us how to react to trials, tests, circumstances, tribulations, and depression in our life.  Job’s life was great until chapter 1 verse 13.  It says “And there was a day” in Job’s life.  It is safe to say, when you choose to serve the Lord, and determine to adopt the four attributes highlighted by God, you will be tested.

I would like to point out in Job 2:13 when it shows Job’s friends grieving with Job.  They heard he was having a tough time.  They came to see and were shocked to see the extent of his suffering.  They recognized his grief.  They sat with him in silence without saying a word for seven days and nights.  It is important to help our brothers and sisters in Christ, and it is equally important to grieve with them (Romans 12:15).