March 17 – Jonah – Jonah 1-4

Jonah was a prophet of God.  In spite of his struggles with faith and obedience, God used him in a mighty way.  Many times satan will use our shortcomings to give us excuses as to why we cannot serve God the way that God to use us.  This book exemplifies God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness toward Jonah as well as the people of Ninevah.  God’s sovereignty over nature and our circumstances are quite transparent throughout this book as well.

There are many good things to learn from Jonah.  1) Jonah was in a position in his life that God could use him.  2) When the storm came, he was honest with himself as to why the storm was there.  3) He sincerely prayed to God when he was in despair.  4) When given a second chance, he obeyed thoroughly.  

The major obvious mistake that Jonah made was to think he could run from God’s will and get away with it.  When God said “go,” by his actions Jonah said “NO.”  When God tells us something, let us be determined to obey.  God knows what is best for us, all we must do is trust Him.  What is it today that you are having a hard time in just trusting God about?