March 19 – Joseph – Matthew 1:18-25; 2:13-23

Joseph is another example for someone placing himself in a position to be used by God.  Even before Joseph is approached by the angel of God, Joseph has a reputation of being a just man.  Joseph is asked to trust God as to Mary’s pregnancy.  Try to imagine being asked to believe something so illogical as a virgin pregnancy.  There are many illogical things which God asks for our trust.  We are to love our enemies, give everything to gain everything, forgive without end, forsake our family, and die to self.  

Joseph is also a great example for obedience.  He obeys by proceeding to marry Mary, and then exercising self-control by not having a physical relationship with Mary until after Jesus is born.  He moves his family to Egypt when warned of Herod’s decree.  He moves back to Nazareth even though he is fearful it is not safe to do so.  

Many times Christians are not used by God because they feel they are insignificant.  They do not feel “worthy” or “qualified.”  Here is a simple carpenter that chose to please God in his relationship with his fiancé, his job, and his life as a whole.  God used his availability to be the earthly father to His Son, Jesus.  The most important ability God is looking to utilize is availability.  How available are you to God?