March 26 – Joseph of Arimathea – Matthew 27:32-61

Joseph of Arimathea had opposed the condemnation of Jesus as a member of the Sanhedrin.  Joseph was a rich man.  Jesus taught that rich people cannot enter God’s kingdom by their own efforts.  Joseph is proof that God can save anyone by His grace.  Joseph is an example of having riches, and not allowing riches to have him.  Joseph was not only willing to give what he had to serve Jesus, he was willing to be proactive in volunteering his resources to please God.  The rich Joseph of Arimathea and the poor widow with only two mites had one thing in common . . . a heart to please God.  They both gave what they had with a pure heart to serve God.  What a challenge to all of us to serve God with what we have and with a pure heart!